Root Canal Treatment Subiaco

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal is also known as Endodontic Treatment. The procedure eliminates bacteria from the infected root canal or the nerve present inside the tooth. Our excellent dentists remove the infected pulp at the first stage of root canal treatment; then the area is cleaned and disinfected, post which it is filled and sealed.

Root Canal Treatment

Symptoms Indicating the Need for a Root Canal Treatment

Discoloured tooth

Swelling and pain of the gum around the infected tooth

Prolonged sensitivity to cold or hot

Tooth sensitivity when chewing

Pus discharge

Swollen and tender lymph nodes

If a tooth with the symptoms mentioned above is not treated, it may not just cause discomfort, but the infection also poses potential health risks. Some of the common reasons why one may have an infected root canal include cracked or chipped tooth, dental trauma (physical injury to the tooth), and deep decay. Most of the time the reason may not be known.

At The Colonnade Dental, we offer dental treatments at the hands of experienced dentists who are trained with the usage of modern dentistry tools to perform root canal treatments. Depending on the severity of infection, up to three dental visits may be required for the treatment of the root canal.

Root Canal Treatment

The Process of Root Canal Treatment Subiaco

The Process of Root Canal Treatment Advent

The dentist performing the root canal treatment will drill a small tooth in the damaged tooth – for the front tooth, the drill is done at the back, and for the molars, the hole is made on top. Our caring dentist then uses special endodontic instruments to clean the infected nerve space, thoroughly. Once the nerve is cleaned, an antibiotic solution is applied to cleanse the nerve chamber of any bacteria that might be remaining.

The dentist uses a thick rubber-like material known as ‘gutta-percha’ to fill the root chamber. It eliminates any chances of infection from reoccurring in the future and seals the tooth with a filing.

People who have undergone root canal treatment are advised to place a dental crown over the treated tooth. Cleaning the nerve causes loss of blood supply, and without protection, the tooth may become brittle and prone to damage in the future.

What Would it Cost to Get a Root Canal Treatment?

What Would it Cost to Get a Root Canal Treatment

Approximately, the cost for root canal treatments without a crown may begin at $800 – $1,200. The cost mainly depends on the severity of the condition.

What Would it Cost to Get a Root Canal Treatment

Why Get My Root Canal Treatment at The Colonnade Dental?

Professional Care

We have been in the field of oral healthcare for years. We have a dedicated team of practised and caring dentists who will conduct the procedure of root canal treatment professionally.

One-Stop Dental Care

Our qualified team of dentists offers professional and comprehensive dental services. You can avail all types of dental services under one roof, without having to travel anywhere.

Easy Payment Plans

The Colonnade Dental understands that oral health is vital for everyone. Therefore, to make our services more accessible to all, we offer different treatment plans that fit your budget. Our plans will enable you and your family to be treated now while you pay us later.

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